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YorkieBox Toy Collection I

YorkieBox Toy Collection I
Each Toy collection contains:

1 Jungle Bell Toss toy
1 Small Rubber Ball
1 Rattle Head Toy
1 Scrunchie
1 Stuffed Animal
1 Kong Wubba

Please note, some toys may be different than what is pictured. This depends on availability of items. For instance, the stuffed animal may be a bear, or a bunny, etc. Be sure that the toys will be hand picked by us and the collection will contain one of each type of toy listed in the description. We recommend that you cut off all lables from the toys so that your little one will not chew on them - they will be a curiosity to them. Keep them safe.

Price: $42.95

(Toy collections are hand assembled and usually ship within 1-3 business days.)

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