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"Jasper's Yorkie Box" is a site, that I started as a result of the joy our dog has brought to us. Jasper, our third Yorkie, is one of the most mischievous dogs that we have ever owned. He is a true boy at heart – a Dennis of Menaces – with a touch of alpha, yet mixed with all the genuine sweetness and loyalty that has become characteristic of the Yorkshire Terrier.

Gideon at Bucks PocketOur First Yorkie, Gideon, was sweet from day one and his disposition never changed from that. He suffered quite frequently from seizures. A problem that is more common in highbred dogs that I would have thought. They were terrible to watch, and after 13 years, they were a major contributor to his death. Although, he lived a full and happy life.

Gideon was really an extension of my wife. Those two were inseparable. Whenever and wherever my wife went, Gideon went with her – even if it was just for a glass of water or a trip to the den in the middle of the night. They were synchronized in movement. She knew him inside and out.

After Gideon died, we decided that we would hold off on another dog. We had plenty of cats to keep us amused, and besides that, the care that Gideon required over the last 6 months of his life really took its toll on my wife. He died on Christmas Eve, 2005.Gabriel at 7 weeks

Well, several dogless months went by, and we were feeling the void. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so we pooled our money together and began the search. We located a breeder a few towns over, and that’s where we found Gabriel. He was adorable. The breeder knew just how to package him. He was donned with a half cut purple sock with holes cut in it for his front legs. My wife held him up close to her neck, and he gave her what soom became his trademark greeting – He would open up his mouth and begin to gently knaw on your neck. That be came “Hello”, “Good Morning”, “Wake Up”, and “I love you”.

We didn’t know much about Yorkies; we just liked the breed. We took Gabriel to the vet for a check up, shots, tail cropping, etc. That’s when the vet said, “He isn’t all Yorkie in there”. The “New” breeder, the strawberry blonde hair, and the uncropped tail did sort of raise a few questions, but the breeder assured us that the parents (which he no longer had) were the real deal (he saw them himself).  Well, full Yorkie or not, he took our hearts.  We later determined that he was a Yorkie - Silky mix.

Gabriel went everywhere with me.  He loved to go for car rides.  One day, after a trip to the grocery store, I opened the car door in my driveway, and let him out.  I reached in the car to grab the groceries and never saw him again.  My heart immediately paniced.  He was bad to run off out into the back yard chasing after the cats.  I could always yell at him, and he would instantly lock down and come running back.  We were not that lucky this time.

Gabriel at 6 MonthsWe searched for months.  We combed every neighborhood.  We made up flyers and went dodr to door.  Nothing!  We still look - my eyes are always scanning for him.  My wife slept on the couch with the windows open listening for any clue - any sound - for months.   Here is a picture - If anyone knows of his where abouts please email us at yorkiebox@cedarhousemall.com.  Our hearts still hurt to this day - we can't give up the hope.

After Gabriel, my wife's mind was set on not getting another dog.  She was emotionally drained and nothing was going to fill that void.  Once again, I couldn't take it anymore.  We talked about it off and on for months.  She would always say "What if Gabriel comes home?".  She wasn't ready to let go of Grabriel.  When she finally agreed to another dog, it was mainly to help me out.  She knew I missed having one.

When we began the search for our third Yorkie, we got our "Ducks in a Row" and armed ourselves with a little more knowledge.  We weren't looking for a show dog and we weren't interested in breeding or Stud service either, but, we wanted one from an established breeder this time; and we wanted one at a reasonable price for a house Yorkie.  We took our time and looked at a lot of Yorkie pups.  We missed the odd coloring of Gabriel, even though he wasn't full blooded, he was unique.

We finally came across Stringer Creek Kennels over in Center, Alabama.  They have been raising dogs for years.  We saw the momma and the daddy.  They were termed "Blue Yorkies".  Now again, we weren't looking for show dogs, so we weren't locked into the standard Black and Tan.  Interestingly enough though, Jasper was your typical black, fuzzy, Yorkie pup - cropped tail and all.  But as he grew, the blue began to show.  We were going for the exotic, and I think we found him - we just didn't know how exotic he would turn out at the time.  Stringer Creek's rules are a bit stout.  We could look at the pups all we wanted to, but we were not allowed to touch one until we were committed to buy one (with money present).  A little strict, but I do understand.

Well, it was between him or his brother.  Jasper was the runt - very meek, very timid.  HisJasper at 5 Months brother would push him around, take his toys away from him; he was pitifull.  We just had to rescue him and give him the attention and devotion that he deserved.

I guess we gave him too much attention.  After a few days, you'ld never know he ever had a self esteem problem.  I think he had us fooled from the beginning - no doubt something he had put his brother up to in order to secure the sale.  He is King of the Roost - Alpha Dog #1.  And we love him to death.  Here he is at about 5 months.

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