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GideonMerry Christmas from YorkieBox.com

Welcome to YorkieBox.com - the site dedicated to that lovable little dog with the big heart - the Yorkshire Terrier. My wife and I have had three Yorkies over the past 16 years. What a journey it has been. They each have stolen our hearts. We are dedicating this site to that little breed - to the memory of our first one, Gideon, the ever hopeful return of our second one, Gabriel, and to our lastest handful, my best friend on four legs, Jasper.

This site ins't just for the Yorkshire Terrier though. Here you can find information usefull for all dogs (puppies and adults). In fact, my wife would consider it a crime if we didn't include some information and products for the Feline critters too. We've had a slew of Cats over the years - what would a Yorkie do without a cat to play with. You can read about all our munchkins on the About page. In the mean time, browse around the site. We hope you find it usefull.  We are adding new pages to the Information section of the menu.  Those pages are designed to help you train your new puppy, and help him adapt to his new environment.  There is information on housebreaking and crate training your puppy.  Also, in that section, you will find tips on feeding, obedience training, and a little history on the Yorkshire Terrier.

Bookmark us now and check back often, as we are constantly adding new material. Be sure to check out our blog, YorkieBoxBlog, too. You can access it from the top menu or just click here. It should open in a new window for you. It is full of short stories and more helpfull information about young puppies as well as the older dogs.  Many of the stories on YorkieBoxBlog are about Jasper.  He's a funny little man and keeps us pretty entertained.  

Your interests and needs are important to us - please feel free to fill out our Feedback Form and let us know how we can serve you better. Also, you can sign up for our newsletter by leaving us your email address on the Feedback form. This site is sponsored by CedarHouseMall.com. Be sure to check them out too.

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